Custom crafts and prints

Cedar Block Carving, 2016

Faber '59

Anniversary gift for the grandparents!

Tasty Coffee

Hand Carved Coasters

Small wood carving, 2014

A highlight of the Tasty Coffee Branding Assignment, this technique of carving and burning the design into the wood grain has become a staple of JMF.

Tasty Coffee

Hand-Crafted Items

All handmade prototypes.

The entire Tasty Coffee Branding Assignment required a large amount of hand-crafted tricks to create and assemble brand specific prototypes for presentation. 

Behind the scenes-146

The Weavers

Cedar Block Carving, 2015

Anniversary gift for the in-laws.

Dragon Temple

Mixed Media, 2015

An astronomy assignment required an accurate astronomically aligned model to present to the class, and a story was crafted to accompany the model.

All featured artwork is copyright of JMF Studios and artist John M. Faber unless otherwise indicated.

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