Multi-Instrumental Musician

It all began with pure coincidence that Faber wanted out of his 8th grade P.E. class and soon discovered there was a guitar class available, so he jumped at the rare opportunity. This would lead to what he calls "an addiction to guitar", gathering up and listening to all the music he could, usually raiding his dad's music collection or searching for downloads online. 


When his dad got him his first guitar, he developed a habit of staying up at all hours of the night trying to be a better guitarist. Music became an escape from the day-to-day stress 

of the time, and contributed to the decision to move back to the Dallas area for a wider array of musical opportunities and resources. 

Faber struggled to find bandmates for a number of years, but had tried a few vocal lessons, piano lessons, joined his Step-dad's Country-Gospel band, bought a bass and joined his church band, and even took an AP Music Theory class his senior year that changed his whole perception of songwriting and musical performance.

He carried his guitar on his back to school, on the bus, to friends' houses, and even snuck into the school theatre with a microphone and amplifier just to practice on a stage. A few original songs had built up over his high school years, but he had no band to perform the songs, and no true name to call the long-term project.


Since graduating high school Faber has played 4 weddings, including his own, and recorded and sound engineered an

11 song CD by himself. He has been composing original music for over 10 years, has given several music lessons, and is a producer of multiple music genres including metal, rock, jazz, classical, blues, R&B, rap, hip-hop, techno, and experimental.

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