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The Paper Aviator

Non-profit organization branding project.

Everything you see is originally designed and hand-crafted by the artist. This project involved giving an identity to a ficticious non-profit organization that mails a paper airplane package

to ill children who are confined to hospitals and in need of a joyful distraction. The entire kit was designed and assembled for a design assignment, thus, this is not a real organization.

'Hero Shot' of Entire Series

The entire Paper Aviator project included:

- one briefcase to hold all items

- one pair binoculars

- top secret envelope with typed airplane folding instructions, three top           secret missions, and extra blank letterheads for future correspondence. 

- one Paper Aviator envelope

- one business card

- one hand made top secret stamp with red ink case

- one prefolded paper airplane

- one parachuting Paper Aviator to ride and parachute during flight

- one mission statement card

- three pages of Paper Aviator logo stickers

- one fold-up airplane hangar to practice landing the airplane inside

- three extra airplane folding papers

Business Card



Mission Statement Card





Airplane Hangar

A foldable airplane hangar could fold and lock in place using two tab inserts, allowing for greater portability with the entire suitcase kit.

Part of the instructions were to practice landing the top secret paper airplane into the hangar.

Top Secret
Paper Airplane 
Folding Instructions
Top Secret Stamp

Hand-made rubber stamp with red ink box. 

Paper Aviator
Briefcase and

The Paper Aviator briefcase fit all of the items which allowed for easy shipment.

The Paper Aviator is a two sided figure that can fit into the top of the folded airplane, allowing it to slide off the back during flight, deploy a parachute and land safely as the plane continues to glide away. 

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