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Custom Audio & Visual Services

Working on a Project-by-Project basis, guided by years of experience and education,

JMF spends quality time focusing on a custom solution to bring unique project ideas to life, from drawings to animations, songwriting to music videos, and beyond.

create your Logo & brand Identity

Professional quality with a personalized approach, from initial sketch to final result, providing the brand identity just right for your

company or project.


JMF Studios has many years of experience working directly with clients and organizations that have specific goals and a diverse range of requirements for their projects. Some clients have a complete vision for their projects and seek help bringing that vision to life, while others entrust JMF to build their brand or create an entire series. 

Art for the Eyes and Ears

It can be difficult to explain the wide variety of projects that JMF Studios

is currently working on or has been involved with in the past,

from music performance to photography, to logo designs and brand identities, 

so rather than struggling explain we would prefer to show you right here on!

We are constantly working on new projects, so whether we've published it here or

we are working diligently behind the scenes on something new, feel free to browse and

contact us with questions, comments, or even ask for a free consultation on your project ideas. 

Vol 1 Mixtape Cover-1.jpg

Do you have a project in mind?

THC Album Cases.jpg

Audio and Video


Designing Logo.jpg

Visual art used to convey information as simply and effectively as possible

Obscure Perspectives.jpg

Capturing moments in time to save them for an eternity

Eye to the Future GIF.gif
Digital Imaging

Combining artistic expression with computer technology to create visual magic


Creating Audio-Visual experiences that can be shared and enjoyed by the audience

Sound Mixer in the Dark.jpg
Music & Audio

Art for the ears that speaks the language of the soul

That Statue...

The foundation of all art is still a respected and difficult artform

Faber Farm Cedar Block.png
Tactile Creations

Whether it's a print, a carving, a sculpture, or other hand-crafted work, some art is meant to be tactile

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