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Re-branding project.

Tasty Coffee

Everything you see is originally designed and hand-crafted by the artist, with exception to the logo.

This project involved rebranding the entire identity of an existing 

company using an

existing logo provided

by the instructor. This semester-long project was completed strictly

for educational and portfolio purposes.

JMF Studios does not claim ownership of or affiliation to Tasty Coffee or the original Tasty Coffee logo. The logo has been altered and reproduced strictly for educational purposes.

Two Men

and A Truck

Re-branding project.

Everything you see is originally designed and conceptualized by the artist. This project was completed strictly for educational and portfolio purposes.

Two Men and a Truck

was a semester-long

design project wherein

students drew an existing company name out of a hat and were assigned the task of 

re-branding the entire company's image, beginning with the company logo.

JMF Studios does

not claim ownership 

of or affiliation to

Two Men and a Truck. 

TMAAT FINAL Versions_Art 3_edited
TMAAT Final envelope_2_2
TMAAT FINAL Versions_Art 3 copy 3_edited
TMaaT Brochure 2

Paper Aviator

Everything you see is originally designed and hand-crafted by the artist.

This project involved giving an identity to a ficticious non-profit organization that mails a paper airplane package to ill children who are confined to a hospital. The entire kit was designed and assembled as a class assignment

Branding project.
Hangar Layout-02
Website Images-46
Paper Aviator Case Float
Website Images-33

Little Ms.

Cleaning B

Client project.

Little Ms. Cleaning B

is a commercial and residential cleaning service in the Bryan and College Station area of central

Texas who commissioned JMF Studios for a new company logo design. JMF Studios designed a matching 

business card and service invoice to complete the company's new image.

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Back Biz Card
LMCB Sketch Thumbnails
Front Biz Card
LMCB Invoice Background

Thompson Wedding

Client wedding invitation cards.

At the client's request

of having daisies as the theme of their wedding invitations, JMF hand-drew the daisy background for both the invitations and thank you cards before designing the typography. 

JMF was also able to provide printable files and printing advice to the client who lives in Salt Lake City.

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Sketches Scan

A fresh cooked gormet meal delivery service in the suburbs of the eastern Dallas metroplex hired JMF to create their logo.

Client logo.

Every Meal Fresh

Personality Type

Multiple class assignments

with the same requirement of creating a logo out of the artist's name and personality have been combined into

one large project with numerous variations and hundreds of logo sketches.

A combination of multiple class projects.
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Projects name logo
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Name Logo
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Two Page Spread

Typography project.

As a mock magazine 

design project, a 2 page 

spread article, spanning 

4 total pages, was to be created using the given 

text and photographic elements from the instructor. JMF Studios does not claim ownership of or affiliation to National Geographic or the original National Geographic logo. The logo has been altered and reproduced strictly for educational purposes.

A ficticious digital book design project.

This project was the final project finished for an advanced media class, meeting the 20 page requirement of recipes, a mock interview, and other grilling information gathered and designed into a cohesive and concise grilling cook book. This project was completed for educational purposes only.

The Grillbook

Family Vacation Koozies

Family project.

In need of a custom drink koozie for a family vacation, JMF was obliged to create a quick, keepsake design.

A hip-hop street team from Bryan, Texas required an updated brand image that was t-shirt ready, and JMF gladly gave new life to their old logo design.

Street Team.

Clutch Society 

Risk Management Advertisement Series

Hand drawn in Photoshop.

A design class assignment becomes a JMF first with digitally hand drawn images based around a risk management ad campaign. JMF Studios does not claim any ownership of or affiliation with Universal Risk Solutions. These images were designed and crafted for educational purposes. 

NV Entertainment

Music, art, and other entertainment.

Branding for a versatile entertainment company in Bryan, Texas.


Metal Band

This logo has been around for nearly a decade when Faber first founded this band and started dabbling with visual arts to coincide with the music.

For More Information Contact

Tareysha Cooper
Luv Thy Kidney Founder 
National Kidney Foundation Volunteer
Member of Brazos Valley Community

Church of God-Non Profit Organization



Luv Thy Kidney

Non-Profit Kidney Awareness

Luv Thy Kidney aims to prevent kidney and urinary tract diseases, improve the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by these diseases and increase the availability of all organs for transplantation in the Brazos Valley.


Your Biggest Fan

Your Biggest Fan is an up and coming musical artist in the Dallas area.





Social Justice Networking


Brazos Civic Orchestra

A new community

orchestra in the Brazos Valley

Maldonado Painting

Professional Painting Company

Maldonado Painting has served

the Brazos Valley for over 20 years.

BR Lawn Care

Brenden Ramirez Lawn Care

A new lawn service in the Brazos Valley. 

All featured artwork is copyright of JMF Studios and artist John M. Faber unless otherwise indicated.

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