Do you need a logo or brand?

  • Zios Party Treats

    Logo Design, Branding, Business Card, Flyer Design, Photoshoot

    Zio's Party Treats is a family owned concession stand inspired by quality family time and rooted in deep family values.
    They set up, serve, and clean up the treats (popcorn, cotton candy, sno-cones) so you can enjoy your event!

  • YCT Entertainment

    Logo Design, Entertainment Company

    Before starting a new entertainment company to feature various artists and put on live concerts, the client first needed a logo

  • YBF Your Biggest Fan

    Logo Design

    Your Biggest Fan is a musical artist in the Dallas area.

  • ViVi Invitations

    Logo Design

    A client was enthusiastically working on a personal greeting card business idea and needed help with a logo that fit their idea just right.

  • Utah Intercollegiate Legislature

    Logo Touchup, Design

    A contact in Utah reached out for help with creating large banners for an upcoming event, and JMF was able to help.

  • Unitarian Universalist Church of the Brazos Valley

    Logo Design, Design, Typography, Photoshoot, Website Design, Print

    This logo was created for the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Brazos Valley based upon the Unitarian Universalist Association's chalice logo.

  • Two Men and A Truck

    Re-Branding Project., Logo Design, Typography, Design, Business Card, Brochure, Print

    Everything you see is originally designed and conceptualized by the artist. This project was completed strictly for educational and portfolio purposes.

    Two Men and a Truck was a semester-long design project wherein students drew an existing company name out of a hat and were assigned the task of re-branding the entire company's image beginning with the company logo.

    JMF Studios does not claim ownership of or affiliation to Two Men and a Truck.

  • The Hazardous Children Vol. 1

    Logo Design, Album Art, Photoshoot, Print

    The Hazardous Children are a rap duo from Bryan, Texas.

  • The Good Human Network

    Logo Design

    An interchangeable design for a Social Justice Network.

  • The Delivery Logo

    Logo Touchup, Design

    A cleaned up version of the original logo for an original podcast now titled "Talkin' Greasy".

  • Texas Music Workforce LIVE Photoshoot

    Photoshoot, Live Music, Logo Design, Flyer, Event

    Texas Music Workforce LIVE is the live performance version of the radio show Texas Music Workforce hosted by Jacob Appelt on KEOS 89.1 FM

  • Texas Music Workforce

    Logo Design, Flyer, Prints

    Texas Music Workforce is a radio show on KEOS 89.1 FM hosted by the talented musician and producer Jacob Appelt.

  • Tasty Coffee

    Logo Touchup, Re-Branding Project

    Everything you see is originally designed and hand-crafted by the artist, with exception to the logo.

    This project involved re-branding the entire identity of an existing company using an existing logo provided by the instructor. This semester=long project was completely strictly for education and portfolio purposes.

    JMF Studios does not claim ownership of or affiliation to Tasty Coffee or the original Tasty Coffee logo. The logo has been altered and reproducd strictly for educational purposes.

  • Stereo Stigma

    Logo Design, Band

    A custom approach to helping out the band Stereo Stigma with their logo.

  • Space Nerds

    Logo Design, Digital Imaging, Facebook Group

    A Facebook group, originally created for astronomy classmates trying to get their homework done, was made public and has grown to over 1000 members and gets an occasional updated design from JMF.

  • Space Case

    Logo Design, Concept Art, Live Music

    An ongoing live music venue concept that combines the artist's love of music, science, visual arts, and theater.

  • Southwestern Winds

    Logo Touchup

    A prospective client reached out to see what JMF could do to help digitize a pre-drawn logo so it could be used online, and JMF was glad to help make a clean digital version to their liking.

  • Realigned

    Logo Touchup

    Looking to help fellow musicians in the Fort Worth based band Realigned, JMF made a quick multi-purpose logo with transparent background for them to use.

  • RMS Customs

    Logo Design, Branding

    A longtime friend and fellow musician began working on a drumstick back company with his bandmates and reached out for help with the logo.

  • Personality Type

    A combination of Typography Projects, Logo Design

    Multiple class assignments with the same requirement of creating a logo out of the artist's name and personality have been combined into one large project with numerous variations and hundreds of logo sketches.

  • Paramount Electric

    Logo Touchup

    When looking to print a large banner, the original file for this company logo was too blurry and needed to be cleaned up and made a higher resolution to achieve a quality print at a large size.

  • Paper Aviator

    Branding project, Logo Design

    Everything you see is originally designed and hand-crafted by the artist.

    This project involved giving an identity to a fictitious non-profit organization that mails a paper airplane package to ill children who are confined to a hospital. The entire kit was designed and assembled as a class assignment.

  • New Village Tile Works

    Logo Design, Business Card

    A client was referenced to JMF for help with their logo.

  • NV Entertainment

    Logo Design, Business Card, Branding

    Branding for a versatile entertainment company in Bryan, Texas.

  • Motion Era Music Promotions

    Logo Design

    Motion Era Music stopped by the studio for a quick logo adaptation for their new promotional ventures.

  • Maldonado Painting

    Logo Design, Business Card

    Maldonado Painting has served the Brazos Valley for over 20 years.

  • Luv Thy Kidney

    Logo Design, Non-Profit Kidney Awareness

    Luv Thy Kidney aims to prevent kidney and urinary tract disease, improve the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by these diseases and increase the availability of all organs for transplantation in the Brazos Valley.

  • Little Ms. Cleaning B

    Logo Design, Business Card, Invoice, Branding

    Little Ms. Cleaning B is a commercial and residential cleaning service in the Bryan and College Station area of central Texas who commissioned JMF Studios for a new company logo design. JMF Studios designed a matching business cared and service invoice to complete the company's new image.

  • Ken's Barbecue

    Logo Design, Business Card, Branding

    "You don't need no teeth to eat Kenneth's meat!"
    Ken's Barbecue is a delicious homestyle barbecue business serving the Brazos Valley.

  • K-LEW

    Logo Design, Rapper

    This logo was made for K-LEW's headline appearance at Clutch Paradise.

  • James Landscaping

    Logo Design, Branding

    James Landscaping was seeking a logo update.

  • Hollis95

    Logo Design, Album Art, Animation, Rap Artist, Photoshoot

    Hollis95 is a Rap Artist based in Texas who prefers JMF Studios for their visual arts.

  • HighShots

    Logo Touchup

    HighShots is an aerial video company based in Mexico City.

  • HDC

    Logo Design, Branding

    HDC is a web-based dance community.

  • Gate Keepers

    Logo Touchup, Design, Business Card, Photoshoot, Website Design, Print, Collaborator

    Gate Keepers is a Studio based in Bryan, Texas.

  • GOLD

    Logo Design, Branding

    A clothing line brand concept based in the Dallas area.

  • Family Vacation Koozies

    Logo Design, Family Project

    In need of a custom drink koozie for a family vacation, JMF was obliged to create a quick, keepsake design.

  • EyeConic

    Logo Design, Clothing Brand

    A client was seeking a logo for their clothing brand idea

  • Every Meal Fresh

    Logo Design, Branding

    Custom logo design for the Every Meal Fresh food delivery branding concept based in the Dallas area.

  • Ellie

    Logo Design, Business Card

    Ellie Thompson has been an Interfaith Leader and Professional Educator for many years who now lives and works in Salt Lake City.

  • DJ DC

    Logo Design, Digital Imaging, Cartoon, Business Card, Stickers

    Darryl "DJDC" Calhoun is a Maddscratching, Roadrunning, Open Format Disk Jockey. Hailing from Saginaw Michigan

  • Corpus Wedding Design

    Logo Design

    The engaged couple was looking for help with their wedding theme design that would function as a logo and be placed on different items such as invitations and shirts.

  • CoolDevil Studio

    Digital Imaging, Logo Design, 2010

    In what seems like a lifetime ago, there was a brief moment of inspiration to create a music production studio for rock and metal music under this brand.

  • Clutch Society

    Logo Design, Branding, Flyer, Business Card

    Clutch Society is a rap and hip-hop collective and recording studio team from Bryan, Texas.

  • Celestial Art

    Logo Design

    Celestial Art is a painting studio in Bryan, Texas.

  • Brenden Ramirez Lawn Care

    Logo Design, Business Card

    Custom logo design for the BR Lawn Care, serving the Brazos Valley.

  • Brazos Civic Orchestra

    Logo Design, Flyer Design, Live Music Orchestra

    An all volunteer orchestra in the Brazos Valley was seeking a logo design.

  • Biggest Sweetest Records

    Logo Design, Recording Studio

    Biggest Sweetest Records is a professional recording and production studio in College Station, Texas operated by owner Jacob Appelt.

  • Ausleben

    Logo Design, Recording, Live Music, Band

    This logo has been around for over a decade since Faber first founded this band in the Summer of 2008 and started dabbling with many visual arts to coincide with the music.

  • Alkemyst

    Logo Design, Artist, Musician, EDM, DJ

    Adam "The Alkemyst" Winslett creating music and YouTube content concoctions...

  • Alchemy Studios

    Logo Design, Collaborator

    Alchemy Studios is a music production and performance studio operated by Adam "The Alkemyst" Winslett which encompasses the many music projects and creative services in his wheelhouse.

  • A$HTR3YY

    Logo Design, Stickers

    A$HTR3YY is an artist and producer from Bryan, Texas.