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With years of professional experience, artist and owner John M Faber can provide creative artistic solutions for your project or idea. 

About JMF

JMF Studios is a multi-media art studio with a growing assortment of Client, Original, and Collaborative works. 

The letters JMF are the initials of artist John M. Faber. In 2015 Mr. Faber realized he needed a brand for his ever-
expanding catalog of artworks, projects, and creative talents, and thus JMF Studios was born.


JMF offers professional creative service with a project-based adaptable workflow, because each project is unique and requires the special attention and adaptability that you will only find at JMF.

JMF Studios can find and create artistic solutions to help clients and collaborators achieve their visions, including photography, hand-drawn images or designs, digitally rendered or photoshopped projects, animations, hand-made crafts, custom prints, music performance, recording, production, sound effects, & more.


About the Artist

John M. Faber is a multi-media artist whose creative journey began by picking up a guitar in 2003. There were signs in his early years of a hidden creative force at work powered by a vivid imagination, but it wasn't until he became a musician in the 8th grade that the creative flood gates were opened. Within 5 years he was signed to a record deal at 18 years of age, composing, performing, recording and producing music for his band, and even dabbling in designs for the band's album covers, logos, t-shirts. Eventually, John attended Texas A&M University - Commerce where he graduated Magna Cum Laude, learning a wide array of visual arts from professional artists, refining his skills, redefining his career ambitions, and even minoring in Astronomy. John is a now a dedicated Husband, father of two, and a passionate artist who hopes to be a positive creative force in the world. 


"Art is life. Life is an art. Art is my life.

Art is anything and everything that is called art, and that's what I do.


The most important thing college taught me was how little I actually know. I constantly learn new things and adapting to new situations in an ever changing world, hoping to make a positive impact with my knowledge and talents.

For my entire youth I couldn't figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was, and continue to be immensely curious about the universe, so it has always been difficult to choose just one thing to do with the rest of my life. I don't play favorites, and I don't like to narrow my perspectives or activities with few options. I wanted to be a firefighter, a police officer, a soldier, an astronaut, all of the classic 'big dreams' responses, but I also wanted a lot more.

I am admittedly a bit eccentric. I like to read, but books take too long. I like movies, but they cut out too much of the written story. I love music, but I want to see the album artwork. I'm a visual and hands-on learner, but I enjoy figuring out melodies and engineering sound effects by ear. I found that I liked math and science, but I didn't want to do equations or experiments all of the time. I like playing outside, but I practically grew up with the 'personal computer' and the world wide web. I realized in College that I could do it all as an artist!"

All featured artwork is copyright of JMF Studios and artist John M. Faber unless otherwise indicated.

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