About JMF

The letters JMF are the initials of artist and owner John M. Faber.

In 2015, Faber realized he required a brand identity to represent the full scope

of his ever-expanding catalog of artworks, projects, talents, and collaborations

with other professionals of all walks of life. It was from this realization that 

JMF Studios was born, creating "art for the eyes and ears".

Today, with decades of combined experience, the JMF Studios team provides creative,

original and logistical solutions to aid clients and collaborators in achieving their

unique project goals and bringing ideas to life.


As professional artists who understand the difficulty of being creative people 

in a busy world, we emphasize the philosophy: "By artists, for artists."

Our Team

Adam the Alkemyst Selfie.jpg


Adam the Alkemyst Selfie.jpg


Inside JMF Studios


John M. Faber is a multi-media artist whose creative journey began by picking up a guitar in 2003. There were signs in his early years of a hidden creative force at work powered by a vivid imagination, but it wasn't until he became a musician in the 8th grade that the creative flood gates were opened. Within 5 years he was signed to a record deal at 18 years of age, composing, performing, recording and producing music for his band Ausleben that he founded with Adam Winslett, and even dabbling in designs for the band's album covers, logos, t-shirts. Eventually, John attended Texas A&M University - Commerce where he graduated Magna Cum Laude while learning a wide array of visual arts from professional artists, refining his skills, redefining his career ambitions, and even minoring in Astronomy. John is a now a dedicated Husband, father of two, and a passionate artist working as a positive creative force in the world. 

Inside Alchemy Studios


If there is one thing that has defined the life of Adam Winslett, the mind behind Alchemy Studios, it is the constant thirst for knowledge. This has led him to pursue many endeavors including guitar, music production, music theory, symphonic orchestration, lighting design, DJing, live event production, and more. In his earlier days, he designed the lighting for all of his high school's theatre productions during his junior and senior years, and formed a band with John Faber called Ausleben in the Summer of 2008. Adam has since worked on crews that have built multi-million dollar structures, leadership conferences, and music festivals. For over a decade, he has grown into a multi-faceted artist, promoter and event professional with a wide range of talents and knowledge, that now all converges at Alchemy Studios.

Featured Artists and Collaborators


Logo Design, Stickers

A$HTR3YY is an artist and producer from Bryan, Texas.

Alchemy Studios

Logo Design, Collaborator

Alchemy Studios is a music production and performance studio operated by Adam "The Alkemyst" Winslett which encompasses the many music projects and creative services in his wheelhouse.


Logo Design, Artist, Musician, EDM, DJ

Adam "The Alkemyst" Winslett creating music and YouTube content concoctions...

Alkemyst at Flow Through Summer Photoshoot

Photoshoot, Live Music, DJ, Collaborator, Event

The Alkemyst was performing a set at the Flow Through Summer festival and JMF was there to capture some photos for him.


Logo Design, Recording, Live Music, Band

This logo has been around for over a decade since Faber first founded this band in the Summer of 2008 and started dabbling with many visual arts to coincide with the music.

Biggest Sweetest Records

Logo Design, Recording Studio

Biggest Sweetest Records is a professional recording and production studio in College Station, Texas operated by owner Jacob Appelt.

Dan K Photoshoot at Biggest Sweetest Records

Photoshoot, Musician

Dan Kwak is a talented jazz pianist based in LA who visited Biggest Sweetest Records for a recording session and a photo and video shoot.

Dan K Portraits

Photoshoot, Musician, Portrait

Dan Kwak is a talented jazz pianist based in LA who visited Biggest Sweetest Records for a recording session and a photo and video shoot.


JMF Studios Founder, Visual Artist, Musician, Sound Engineer

John M Faber, the Founder of JMF Studios, is a self-proclaimed "madman" who takes his artistic journey one day at a time.

From The Mirror

15" x 24" Drawing, Charcoal, 2012

An eight and a half self-portrait that was selected for the 2013 Student Juried Art Exhibition. This is the first serious self-portrait drawing of the artist that happened to emerge from a semester final project in drawing class. The eyes were the last part of the drawing, and they exemplify the exhaustion of a late night.


Logo Design, Album Art, Animation, Rap Artist, Photoshoot

Hollis95 is a Rap Artist based in Texas who prefers JMF Studios for their visual arts.

Little Ms. Cleaning B

Logo Design, Business Card, Invoice, Branding

Little Ms. Cleaning B is a commercial and residential cleaning service in the Bryan and College Station area of central Texas who commissioned JMF Studios for a new company logo design. JMF Studios designed a matching business cared and service invoice to complete the company's new image.

Luv Thy Kidney

Logo Design, Non-Profit Kidney Awareness

Luv Thy Kidney aims to prevent kidney and urinary tract disease, improve the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by these diseases and increase the availability of all organs for transplantation in the Brazos Valley.

Texas Music Workforce LIVE Photoshoot

Photoshoot, Live Music, Logo Design, Flyer, Event

Texas Music Workforce LIVE is the live performance version of the radio show Texas Music Workforce hosted by Jacob Appelt on KEOS 89.1 FM

© Copyright JMF Studios

All featured artwork is copyright of JMF Studios and artist John M. Faber unless otherwise indicated.

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