Original projects

  • 59 Faber

    Hand-Crafted, Tactile Creation

    This anniversary gift was designed, carved, and burned into a piece of cedar wood.

  • Abstract Photography

    Photoshoot, Photography, Abstract

    Sometimes it just looks interesting

  • Analogous Head of a Famous Robber

    Painting, 2012

    During a Color Theory course project in college, this painting was a lesson in Analogous colors while recreating the "Head of a Famous Robber" by Paul Klee.

  • Antiques and Antlers

    18" x 24" Drawing, Charcoal, 2014

    This classroom still-life drawing is the result of students bringing items from home to be included in the class-wide still-life drawing project.

  • Artistic Eye

    Photography, Digital Imaging, Paint, 2012

    When peeling an orange in between working on a painting project in college, a moment of inspiration struck when part of the orange looked strikingly similar to an eyeball.

  • Ausleben

    Logo Design, Recording, Live Music, Band

    This logo has been around for over a decade since Faber first founded this band in the Summer of 2008 and started dabbling with many visual arts to coincide with the music.

  • Cityscape Photography

    Photoshoot, Photography, City

    Sometimes the City can provide some interesting photo opportunities.

  • CoolDevil Studio

    Digital Imaging, Logo Design, 2010

    In what seems like a lifetime ago, there was a brief moment of inspiration to create a music production studio for rock and metal music under this brand.

  • Creative Perspective Photography

    Photoshoot, Photography

    Some interesting shots can be captured when playing around with the camera.

  • DIME Carving

    8"x10" Color Ink Series, Hand-Carved Stamp, 2006

    A high school project required carving a piece of linoleum and rolling ink across to create stamped art. While one of the stamps was entered into the Arlington Museum of Art's Student Art Exhibition, unfortunately none of the original inked stamps have survived.

  • Dali Llama

    18"x 24" Drawing, Pencil and Pastel, 2014

    A fun tribute to both the Dalai Lama and Salvador Dali, this forty-hour drawing is a play on words and names that is perferated with Buddhist symbolism and references to five of Salvador’s paintings.

  • Divided We Fall

    Drawing, Design, Photoshop, 2020

    Amidst the wild and unprecedented events of 2020 JMF was inspired to create this image using drawing and digital imaging techniques.

  • Drug of Choice

    Digital Imaging, 2008

    One of the first "Photoshop" attempts that JMF ever undertook, this image speaks on the musical inspiration that started it all.

  • Enigmatic Eye

    3D Animation, Digital Imaging

    A 3D animation test render of an upcoming character...

  • Faber

    JMF Studios Founder, Visual Artist, Musician, Sound Engineer

    John M Faber, the Founder of JMF Studios, is a self-proclaimed "madman" who takes his artistic journey one day at a time.

  • Family Vacation Koozies

    Logo Design, Family Project

    In need of a custom drink koozie for a family vacation, JMF was obliged to create a quick, keepsake design.

  • From The Mirror

    15" x 24" Drawing, Charcoal, 2012

    An eight and a half self-portrait that was selected for the 2013 Student Juried Art Exhibition. This is the first serious self-portrait drawing of the artist that happened to emerge from a semester final project in drawing class. The eyes were the last part of the drawing, and they exemplify the exhaustion of a late night.

  • Halloween Reaper Carving

    Drawing, Carving, 2017

    A moment of inspiration struck one Halloween that lead to this original project that was also entered into a pumpkin carving contest.

  • Iron Preezy

    Digital Imaging, 2016

    During a Halloween tour of the George Bush Library in College Station, Texas that allowed visitors to wear their costumes and participate in various activities throughout the tour, one photo opportunity lead to a moment of inspiration for the artist.

  • Loitering With Intent

    Typography, Design, Drawing, 2014

    One of the first assignments in Typography 101 class during college was to hand draw a design for the phrase "Loitering With Intent", pushing the artists to consider how best to visually communicate the implicated meanings of the words and phrase.

  • Nature Photography

    Photoshoot, Photography, Nature

    Finding inspiration in nature through the lens of the camera.

  • Obscure Perspectives

    Photoshoot, Photography

    A series of photographs taken in the heart of Salt Lake City that have become a studio favorite.

  • Offroad Legend

    Photography, Digital Imaging, 2015

    Taking photos of the kids enjoying their Christmas gift captured a photograph that also inspired this project.

  • Panorama Photography

    Photoshoot, Photography, Panorama

    These panorama photographs require stitching together several photos together to capture a scene that cannot otherwise be captured in one shot.

  • Paper Aviator

    Branding project, Logo Design

    Everything you see is originally designed and hand-crafted by the artist.

    This project involved giving an identity to a fictitious non-profit organization that mails a paper airplane package to ill children who are confined to a hospital. The entire kit was designed and assembled as a class assignment.

  • People Photography

    Photoshoot, Photography, People, Family

    Some photographs of people in JMF's Life

  • Personality Bottle

    Digital Imaging, 2013

    One of the first official Photoshop projects by JMF was during a Digital Imaging course where the assignment was to photoshop a bottle with elements reflective of the artist's personality based on a billboard advertisement the professor had worked on.

  • Personality Type

    A combination of Typography Projects, Logo Design

    Multiple class assignments with the same requirement of creating a logo out of the artist's name and personality have been combined into one large project with numerous variations and hundreds of logo sketches.

  • Pet Photography

    Photoshoot, Photography

    Pets tend to be great subjects for a photoshoot

  • Risk Management Advertisement Series

    Digital Drawing, Design, Photoshop

    A design class assignment becomes a JMF first with digitally hand drawn images based around a risk management ad campaign. JMF Studios does not claim any ownership of or affiliation with Universal Risk Solutions. These images were designed and crafted for educational purposes.

  • Sketchbook Selections

    Drawing, Pencil, Charcoal, Pastel, Graphite, Pen

    Sketches and drawings of the not-so-finished variety by Faber over the years, ranging from his younger years, to college, to today.

  • Space Case

    Logo Design, Concept Art, Live Music

    An ongoing live music venue concept that combines the artist's love of music, science, visual arts, and theater.

  • Space Nerds

    Logo Design, Digital Imaging, Facebook Group

    A Facebook group, originally created for astronomy classmates trying to get their homework done, was made public and has grown to over 1000 members and gets an occasional updated design from JMF.

  • Space Racer X

    Small Body Guitar, Oil Pastel and Tempera Paint, 2014

    An advanced drawing assignment required something other than paper to be used as the canvas. By chance an old guitar had stopped working properly a few months earlier, so it was sanded down, covered in tempera paint and drawn using oil pastel. Some highlights use the natural color of the wood, exposed by scratching the surface with a knife. The front side of the guitar would not allow the proper canvas for oil pastel.

  • Symbolic Photography

    Photoshoot, Photography

    Images that symbolically speak for themselves but are yet understood differently by each viewer.

  • Tasty Coffee

    Logo Touchup, Re-Branding Project

    Everything you see is originally designed and hand-crafted by the artist, with exception to the logo.

    This project involved re-branding the entire identity of an existing company using an existing logo provided by the instructor. This semester=long project was completely strictly for education and portfolio purposes.

    JMF Studios does not claim ownership of or affiliation to Tasty Coffee or the original Tasty Coffee logo. The logo has been altered and reproducd strictly for educational purposes.

  • Tasty Coffee Hand-Carved Coasters

    Small wood carving, 2014

    A highlight of the Tasty Coffee Branding Assignment, this technique of carving and burning the design into the wood grain has become a staple of JMF.

  • That Statue...

    15"x 20', Graphite, 2013

    A sight-size figure drawing assignment turned into a thirty hour long breakthrough. This caste is of a 5th Century BCE Hermes statue from antiquity, and the full title is jokingly "Thant Statue of That One Guy From a Long Time Ago."

  • The Grillbook

    A ficticious digital book design project

    This project was the final project finished for an advanced media class, meeting the 20 page requirement of recipes, a mock interview, and other grilling information gathered and designed into a cohesive and concise grilling cook book. This project was completed for educational purposes only.

  • The Other Hand

    8" x 10", Graphite, 2014

    Personal sketch of the artist's wife from a photo taken before they married. The title has multiple meanings and implications, such as the other hand in marriage, the other hand in raising their children, and the ring on the left hand.

  • The Weavers Carving

    Cedar Block Carving, 2015

    Anniversary gift for the in-laws.

  • Two Men and A Truck

    Re-Branding Project., Logo Design, Typography, Design, Business Card, Brochure, Print

    Everything you see is originally designed and conceptualized by the artist. This project was completed strictly for educational and portfolio purposes.

    Two Men and a Truck was a semester-long design project wherein students drew an existing company name out of a hat and were assigned the task of re-branding the entire company's image beginning with the company logo.

    JMF Studios does not claim ownership of or affiliation to Two Men and a Truck.

  • Two Page Magazine Spread

    Typography, Design

    As a mock magazine design project, a 2 page spread article, spanning 4 total pages, was to be created using the given text and photographic elements from the instructor. JMF Studios does not claim ownership of or affiliation to National Geographic or the original National Geographic logo. The logo has been altered and reproduced strictly for educational purposes.

  • Vintage Cowboys

    Digital Imaging, 2014

    While spending time with family riding horses, a moment of inspiration struck after snapping an image of them riding horses.

  • Work Hard, Play Hard, Nap Hard

    Typography, Design, Print, 2018

    A phrase taken from a birthday card has become a motto for JMF and turned into this poster.

© Copyright JMF Studios

All featured artwork is copyright of JMF Studios and artist John M. Faber unless otherwise indicated.

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