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Self-Proclaimed Madman

It all began with pure coincidence that Faber wanted out of his 8th grade P.E. class and soon discovered there was a guitar class available. He jumped at the rare opportunity in a small southern Kansas town. This would lead to what he calls "an addiction to guitar", gathering up and listening to all the music he could. When he got his first guitar, he developed a habit of staying up at all hours practicing, including school nights. To this day, the music inspires him to create visual artwork, while the visual arts inspire him to write more music, so he prefers to put them together in a perpetual cycle of creative "madness".


"Art is life. Life is an art. Art is my life.

Art is anything and everything that is called art, and that's what I do.


For my entire youth I couldn't figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was, and continue to be immensely curious about the universe, so it has always been difficult to choose just one thing to do with the rest of my life. I don't play favorites, and I don't like to narrow my perspectives or activities with few options. I wanted to be a firefighter, a police officer, a soldier, an astronaut, all of the classic 'big dreams' responses, but I also wanted a lot more.

I am admittedly a bit eccentric. I like to read, but books take too long. I like movies, but they cut out too much of the written story. I love music, but I want to see the album artwork. I'm a visual and hands-on learner, but I enjoy figuring out melodies and engineering sound effects by ear. I found that I liked math and science, but I didn't want to do equations or experiments all of the time. I like playing outside, but I practically grew up with the 'personal computer' and the world wide web. I realized in College that I could "do it all" as an artist!


The most important thing college taught me was how little I actually know. I constantly learn new things and adapting to new situations in an ever changing world, hoping to make a positive impact with my knowledge and talents"

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