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Tasty Coffee

Coffee shop rebranding project.

Everything you see is originally designed and hand-crafted

by the artist, with exception of the pre-existing logo from the actual company.

This project involved reworking the entire identity of an existing company using an existing logo provided by the instructor.


This semester-long project was completed strictly for educational and portfolio purposes. JMF Studios does not claim ownership of or affiliation to Tasty Coffee or the original Tasty Coffee logo. The logo has been altered and reproduced strictly for educational and portfolio purposes.

'Hero Shot' of Entire Series

Every item in this image, with exception to the donuts and coffee beans, were crafted by hand to

create a Tasty Coffee product line. Applying the company logo to a cohesive set of products was the major focus of the project. By learning and utilising various printing methods, while simultaneously creating functional products, the new conceptualization of the Tasty Coffee brand was brought to life.

This a printed and bound 'Pitchbook" format that can be utilized for an in-person presentation of the new brand to an audience.

Printed and Bound Tasty Coffee Branding "Pitchbook"
Digitally Interactive Brand 'Pitchbook'

This is a digitally interactive PDF file that is a digital representation of the printed and bound version of the Pitchbook. This format can be utilized for an in-person presentation of the new brand to an audience.

Magnetic Wooden Business Card

With the 'state park' concept, a business card that not only fits in a wallet, but can also be treated as memorabilia and magnetized to the camp-goer's fridge.



Store Front and Delivery Vehicle

Tasty Donuts and Tasty Coffee can be delivered to any tent, cabin, or business within the delivery area, centralized by a log cabin storefront in the state park.


Customers are always welcome to visit the shop or enjoy their Tasty products in the outdoor patio and seating area.

Coffee Cups
with Heat Sleeve

The warm colors and

texture of the Tasty Coffee cup reflects upon the warm and cozy aroma of the coffee inside, with the optional

heat sleeve available. 

Hand Carved Coasters

Hot coffee pairs well

with the hand carved Tasty Coffee coasters, whether in the outdoor patio area or at home on the sidetable.

Coffee Bags

The burlap Tasty Coffee bean bags deliver the warmth of tasty coffee to the customer in a classic dirt-road type of style, moreso than the original brown paper bag concept. 

Cross Promotional Poster

A mock "mountain man" competition was schemed as a cross-promotional marketing tool for the Broken Bow Lake Area and

Tasty Coffee would be a cosponsor.

Tasty Coffee Extras

Coffee and Donuts 

can always find use in a Tasty Coffee napkin, Tasty Sugar packets, and the Tasty Coffee Half & Half.


The Tasty Coffee Carrier can hold all of the coffee and donut essentials for delivery or pick-up,

whether in the park, or to the surrounding areas.

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