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Photo Manipulation

Personality Bottle

A digital imaging assignment required a 'billboard ready' bottle that resembled the artist's personality, using photographs taken of the actual items used to compile a bottle with elements of the artist's own persona. 

Extreme Youth

Offroad Legend

By practicing image manipulation techniques, a panning motion photograph becomes a little boy's dream. 

Vintage Cowboys

By practicing image manipulation techniques, two family photos become part of a ragged old cowboy scene. 

Kevin Original_edited
Pepaw original

Artistic Eye

Photo manipulation. 

Using a piece of an orange and art supplies still strewn about from a recent project, a quick photo was snapped and the eyeball appearance was digitally added. 

Digital Imaging for Tasty Coffee

Enhancing the Tasty Coffee Brand
Tasty Coffee Pitchbook Cover

This cover image was photoshopped to give the appearance that the Tasty Coffee Logo had been burned into a wooden plank, and served as the perfect cover design for the Tasty Coffee Pitchbook.


A mock "mountain man"

competition was schemed as a cross-promotional marketing tool for the Broken Bow Lake Area and

Tasty Coffee would be a co-sponsor.

Cross Promotional Poster
Mountain Man Poster
Tasty Coffee Storefront

A ficticious storefront for

the Tasty Coffee brand, set in

an Oklahoma state-park and complete with a delivery vehicle for campers, lakegoers, and the surrounding areas.

Tasty Coffee 'Hero' Shot

While everything in this image is

indeed real and handmade by the

artist, to achieve this all-inclusive 

image is actually a compilation of multiple images using Photoshop.

Five Grand

Photo manipulation. 

Multiple images of 5 grandkids were transformed into a poster worthy gift for a client's family members.  


Red Carpet Korbin

Extra time = more art.

Client: "How much more would you charge to play with the full body shot of Korbin on its own background? I just love that

picture of him!"

JMF: "That can just be included in the current time since I've already cropped him!" 

Iron Man For President

Photo manipulation. 

From an unexpected halloween photo to a more serious political commentary.

Vintage Jimi Hendrix 

Project with a friend.

A friend from work was serious about a Jimi Hendrix photoshoot, and requested a vintage effect.

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