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    Work Hard, Play Hard, Nap Hard

    A phrase taken from a birthday card has become a motto for JMF and turned into this poster.

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    Space Nerds

    A Facebook group, originally created for astronomy classmates trying to get their homework done, was made public and has grown to over 1000 members and gets an occasional updated design from JMF.

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    Space Case

    An ongoing live music venue concept that combines the artist's love of music, science, visual arts, and theater.

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    Loitering With Intent

    One of the first assignments in Typography 101 class during college was to hand draw a design for the phrase "Loitering With Intent", pushing the artists to consider how best to visually communicate the implicated meanings of the words and phrase.

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    Drug of Choice

    One of the first "Photoshop" attempts that JMF ever undertook, this image speaks on the musical inspiration that started it all.

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    Analogous Head of a Famous Robber

    During a Color Theory course project in college, this painting was a lesson in Analogous colors while recreating the "Head of a Famous Robber" by Paul Klee.

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    CoolDevil Studio

    In what seems like a lifetime ago, there was a brief moment of inspiration to create a music production studio for rock and metal music under this brand.

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    Iron Preezy

    During a Halloween tour of the George Bush Library in College Station, Texas that allowed visitors to wear their costumes and participate in various activities throughout the tour, one photo opportunity lead to a moment of inspiration for the artist.

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    Vintage Cowboys

    While spending time with family riding horses, a moment of inspiration struck after snapping an image of them riding horses.

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    Personality Bottle

    One of the first official Photoshop projects by JMF was during a Digital Imaging course where the assignment was to photoshop a bottle with elements reflective of the artist's personality based on a billboard advertisement the professor had worked on.

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    DIME Carving

    A high school project required carving a piece of linoleum and rolling ink across to create stamped art. While one of the stamps was entered into the Arlington Museum of Art's Student Art Exhibition, unfortunately none of the original inked stamps have survived.

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    Offroad Legend

    Taking photos of the kids enjoying their Christmas gift captured a photograph that also inspired this project.

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